Home Inspection Reports

A free guide to help you move from deciding what tests to order to understanding your reports
by Jason Bellamy - Owner of Builder Buddy

Buying a Remote House

Our area is a popular destination for people looking to buy a house in a quiet, private, remote location with unspoiled views of nature.  The

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Buying a Modular Home

What is a Modular home (and what it isn’t) Modular homes have components that are partially built off-site in a factory which are then assembled

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Buying a Manufactured Home

What is a Manufactured home? Commonly referred to as ‘double-wide’s or ‘on-frame’ home, these homes still have the steel frame or chassis in place that

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Buying a 15-25 Year Old Home

When buying a 15-25 year old home buyers should consider aging components, installation defects, maintenance and repair neglect, and any additions, renovations or repairs.

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