Do we do re-inspections after repairs?

Generally, we do not inspect repair work.  When issues are identified during our inspection, a licensed contractor should be hired, and buyers coordinate repair work and negotiate for repairs as needed before closing (new construction may be an exception). 

If the seller DOES take responsibility for the repairs, the buyer should negotiate for the work to be performed by a licensed and insured reputable contractor – this ensures that the repair work is of high quality and gives the buyer confidence in the repair process.

Repair contractors should:

  • be licensed and insured
  • be reputable
  • offer a minimum 1-year warranty with a detailed description
  • offer receipts with a detailed description of the scope of work

New construction:  

The seller or builder should be asked to repair any code or safety items in the report and provide the buyer with a written and detailed warranty of the repaired items. 

For new construction inspections, an ’11-month Inspection’ is highly recommended. This inspection occurs just before the one-year builder warranty ends and helps identify any components in the home that are not working as intended.


Exceptions are rare; however, as a courtesy to our clients in unique circumstances, we will return to confirm that repairs were done (limited scope: we will not review all the defects in a report).  We do not grade the repairs (this is always problematic).  In all cases we HIGHLY recommend that repairs be done by licensed and reputable contractors that stand behind their work with receipts and warranties.  We do not warranty or stand behind the repairs.


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