Negotiating and Repairs

A free guide to help you move from deciding what tests to order to understanding your reports
by Jason Bellamy - Owner of Builder Buddy

When should I follow up with a Structural Engineer?

When should I follow up with a Structural Engineer? When there are items in a home inspection report that call for a structural engineer, the buyer should consult a structural engineer during their due diligence period in order to get a better understanding of the...

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How Do I Negotiate?

Please consult your agent about the negotiability of items in the report. Buyer repairs are preferred over seller repairs because buyers are more invested in the long-term condition of the home.  There are ‘good’, ‘better’ and ‘best’ repairs and repair costs can vary greatly.  Typically...

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Contractors and Sub-contractors

Your agent may have referrals for you Unfortunately we cannot give referrals for repairs.  We generate so many leads over such a large geographical area that it is impossible for us to maintain a reliable network of contractors to provide to our clients.  We recommend...

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