Viewing Reports in HTML format

Viewing reports in HTML format is a great way to view videos, expand pictures, follow hypertext and to navigate quickly through the report.

Keep in mind that many items are hidden in the HTML format unless clicked on or expanded.  We recommend viewing your full report in PDF format at least once to see all the information in one place and to reduce the risk of missing important items, more on the PDF format here.

Viewing Reports in HTML format

To view reports in HTML format:

  • Find the email with the link to your report(s)
  • Click VIEW REPORT – you will, by default, be viewing the HTML version of the report
  • Click to expand text or video or to watch or expand videos.
  • Click on PDF button at upper right to view/save/print PDFs
  • Find the FULL REPORT, SUMMARY and DEFECT blue tabs at the upper left
    • FULL REPORT will list all comments
    • SUMMARY will only list the defects
    • DEFECT will only list the red (most serious) defects
  • Click REPORT TOOLS at upper right to create documents based on report
  • The column at the left will link to the main categories (Roof, Plumbing, etc…)
    • The number next to each category will indicate the number of defects found in that section
  • Each category of the report contain sections like OVERVIEW, INFORMATION, LIMITATION, STANDARDS
    • OVERVIEW section will show a graph of components that were inspected, not inspected, not present or that were deficient
    • INFORMATION section will include photographs and additional information that is specific to the house but are not defects
    • LIMITATIONS section describes what limited our inspection of certain components
    • STANDARDS section includes standard language that is the same in all reports and is not specific to the house
  • (DEFECTS): There are 3 color categories for defects (BLUE), (ORANGE), and (RED)
    • (BLUE) defects are FYI, maintenance items, or observations that could become more serious over time
    • (RED) defects are the most serious observations
    • (ORANGE) defects are between (RED) and (BLUE) in severity
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