Where Are My Home Inspection Reports?

If you’ve received an email saying your report(s) are ready but you still do not see your reports on your dashboard make sure that you’ve signed your agreements and paid your invoice.

To sign your agreement(s) and to pay for your inspection(s) please follow the prompts on your appointment confirmation or your ‘report is ready’ email.  Search your inbox for Builder Buddy or Spectora (Spectora is our inspection software).  You will also see prompts on your Spectora dashboard.

Your reports may not be ready.  Most of the reports (Home Inspection, Well/Septic/Sewer, WDI, HVAC) are ready the same day or next business day after the inspection.  Water testing, Radon Testing, and Mold testing take 3-5 days.

Sometimes we make mistakes.  If it has been several days after the inspection and you still haven’t received your report email us a reminder at info@builderbuddyonline.com.  Sometimes the report is finished but it didn’t get uploaded to your dashboard.

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