About Commercial Property Inspections

Why Home Inspectors are the best Commercial Property Inspectors

There isn’t a state licensing program for Commercial Property Inspectors.  The best resource for Commercial Property Inspections is a State Licensed Home Inspector that is insured to perform Commercial Inspections and has the relevant experience and additional certifications.
At Builder Buddy, we perform Commercial Property Inspections of all kinds.

How much does a Commercial Property Inspection Cost?

Like Home Inspections, Commercial Property Inspection Costs are based on the Age and Square Footage of the property.  Typically we charge 30 cents to 75 cents a square foot to inspect a commercial property plus any applicable travel fees.  Although our online scheduler will give a rough estimate of the inspection costs we need to confirm the final pricing with a site visit to determine the potential challenges to the inspection.  When there are many tenants to coordinate with, for example, our rate will increase as it increases the difficulty and time of the inspection.

What is included in a Commercial Property Inspection?

Exterior, Roof, Attached structures, Structural Components, Heating and Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Insulation & Ventilation, and Interiors.  The Commercial Property Inspection includes a full color report with pictures, videos, diagrams, and more.  We also offer ancillary services such as Full HVAC evaluations, Wood Destroying Insect Inspections, Mold Testing and more.

What is not included in a Commercial Property Inspection?

We do not inspect for compliance of Accessibility (ADA), Fire Safety Equipment and Requirements, Occupancy requirements and Suitability of Use.  We do not inspect Restaurant equipment or any other specialty equipment and appliances related to the existing tenants or future tenants (nail salon, hair salon, medical equipment, etc…).  These categories are beyond the scope of the inspection and are the buyer’s responsibility- the buyer may need to consult other professionals for further evaluation.

When should a Commercial Property Inspection be scheduled?

During a real estate transaction it is important to schedule an inspection right away to avoid any delays during due diligence.   Typically we are scheduling within 3-5 business days but during busy times we are scheduling nearly 2 weeks out.  The buyer will want time to follow up with any findings in the report with other contractors if necessary and to otherwise prepare documentation.

How to Schedule a Commercial Property Inspection?

SCHEDULE NOW to fill out our online form and to reserve our next availability.  Keep in mind that the pricing provided by the Online Schedule is tentative until we can confirm it with a site visit.

The whole Builder Buddy crew was very responsive and professional throughout our commercial building inspection process. The online inspection report (with downloadable PDF option) is easy to read and is well organized. The included video snippets that explain more complex topics are simple, concise, and amazingly helpful. Finally, Jason was available to answer follow up questions that arose a few days after the report was prepared. He is a clear, thoughtful communicator. I recommend Builder Buddy with no hesitation!

Chad Storck

Builder Buddy did a commercial property inspection on an older 21-unit business complex for me and it was fantastic! Very thorough, very professional, very easy format to see what needed urgent attention, what was semi-urgent, and what things could wait. It saved me thousands of dollars in the renegotiation process. Can't say enough about them.


Asheville Fit Spine

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