FHA and VA Loan Requirements for Inspections and Testing

What are typical FHA and VA requirements for inspections & testing?

Below are the most common FHA/VA loan requirements- only the wood destroying insect inspection applies to all homes.   Ask your lender for more information:

All homes and detached buildings

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections 

FHA/VA loans will require the main house AND ALSO all detached buildings to be inspected by a state licensed Wood Destroying Insect inspector.  Builder Buddy offers this option on the website– please indicate if you have a FHA/VA loan on our online submission form so we can give you a quote on any detached buildings.

Homes with Well water

Water testing

Generally FHA/VA loans require for the following to be tested: Total Coliform, E. coli, Nitrite, Nitrate, and Lead.  Check with your lender for more information.

Builder Buddy offers full scan water testing which satisfies and exceeds the FHA/VA requirements.

On-frame Modular Homes

Structural Engineer Evaluation

The lender will need a structural engineer evaluation of the foundation system of on-frame (metal framing/mobile) manufactured homes.  This is in addition to the home inspection (we also inspect the foundation but it does not satisfy the lender requirements).


FHA and VA Loans – Loan Inspection Requirements Document

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