How to Pay & Sign Agreements

When you or your agent has requested the inspection online, you will receive a Request Confirmation Email which will let you know the request has been made– this is just to alert you that everything has been received by us and we will get everything confirmed during normal business hours.  In some situations, you may receive an additional email from us requesting more information before we can confirm the inspection.  You will NOT have the option to pay in this email.

Step 1: Find and review your Inspection Confirmation Email
Step 2: Click on the ‘Inspection Details’ button in the Email to access the Online Portal
Step 3: Review ‘Invoice’
Step 4:
Click ‘View & Accept’ button to review and sign agreement(s)
Step 5: Click  the ‘Pay Now’ button to pay online.  Alternatively you can pay be personal check– see bottom of article.


(Not the request confirmation email– search for ‘Inspection Confirmation’ from Builder Buddy)

When your inspection has been confirmed on our calendar, you will receive an email from us with all the important inspection details.   Please do not delete this email until your inspection is complete.  


Inspection Details:

The ‘Inspection Details’ at the top of the email will tell you where the inspection will take place, when the inspection will take place, the approximate start and the approximate finish time.  There may be additional tests or inspections that take place outside of the time indicated here, but this time refers to your main inspection.  If the date and time does not work for you or you would like to reschedule, please contact the office immediately.

Services And Fees:

Make sure that all of the services you requested are listed here.  If there is a service you wanted but you do not see or if there is a service you did not want that is listed here, please contact the office immediately to have your services updated.

Access Information:

In most cases we will be requesting access directly and there is nothing you will need to do.  Less commonly, If the home is For Sale By Owner or not been listed yet, we will reach out to you or any other known parties to arrange access..

Payment Information:

We have several payment methods.  Our preferred method is by checks.  You can write a check at the inspection and give it to the Inspector.  Or send us a check in the mail to the address provided in this email.  Keep in mind that if you mail the check generally we will not release the report until the amount is paid.  We also accept credit card payments.  You may pay online by clicking the inspection details button which we will discuss shortly.  The secure transaction is processed by the software company and your credit card information is not stored in our system and we never see this information.  

Presentation Information:

We want to share as much information with you as we can about your prospective property and make sure all your questions are answered.  You can meet the inspector 15 minutes before the end of the inspection.  Please let us know ahead of time if you or your agent will be present..  Keep in mind that the inspection end time is approximate as it can be difficult to know exactly when the inspector will be finished.   If you can’t attend the inspection you can request a phone call to go over the report.  It’s best to have this conversation after viewing the report.  Please email us to confirm how you would like the inspector to present.


The inspection confirmation email contains a button titled ‘Inspection Details’ that is the link to your online portal.  The online portal is where you can sign agreements, pay and view or share your reports.  Keep in mind, a username and password is never needed.  If you are asked to enter a username or password, please close out your browser to make sure your portal is completely closed then follow the link from the email again.  If the problem persists, please contact the office to obtain a new link to your portal.

Review Portal Information:

Once you have selected the blue inspection details button within your email you’ll be taken to a dashboard similar to this one.  On the left hand side you’ll find the property address for where the inspection will take place.  Above that is the date of the inspection and then the start time of that main inspection.  On the right hand side we find the map the inspectors will use to find the property.

Scrolling down on the right hand side we find your team.  First the main inspector that has been assigned to your property.  There may be other instructors that become involved with tests and inspections but this is your main point of contact for all instruction related questions.  Next we find your client agent.  This is your real estate agent’s information.  They will receive a copy of the reports and have access to the property similar to what you have been given. Following that is the listing agent.  This is the seller’s agent.  They will not receive any report copies or communication other than access requests or information requests to help us better understand details we encounter while at the property.


First review the invoice by clicking the ‘Invoice’ button down at the lower left in blue.  This will give you a detail of the services selected, the cost, as well as any discounts.  We accept one discount per service.  Once you have reviewed that invoice you may go up to ‘Pay Now’ button in orange.


On the upper left hand side click on the ‘View & Accept’ button under each Agreement that needs to be signed.  Review and electronically sign your agreement(s).  Separate inspections or tests may have separate agreements to be signed which is why you may see more than one.  Once you accept the agreement it will alert us automatically that you’ve completed your agreements- you do not need to inform us that you’ve signed.


Pay Invoice Online

Click the ‘Pay Now’ button in orange.  Enter your credit card information and pay the full amount of your invoice.  The secure transaction is processed by the software company and your credit card information is not stored in our system and we never see this information. 

Pay by Personal Check

If you prefer to pay by check, please let the office know.  You bring a check to the inspection or send a check to:

Builder Buddy
1302 Patton Ave Suite 17898
Asheville NC 28806

Keep in mind if you are paying by check that you may receive automatic payment requests by email until a check has been received by the office or the inspector. 

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