HVAC Evaluations

Our HVAC evaluations are performed by a 3rd party (our service partners All About Heat & Air)- you will be provided with a PDF document with pictures and an estimate for repairs.  The inspection of an HVAC system by a home inspector is limited while a professional HVAC evaluation includes specialized knowledge, equipment and practices by a licensed HVAC contractor.  Builder Buddy handles the billing, scheduling, access to the home, and delivery of the report.

HVAC evaluations are $149 per system.

An example of one system would be a typical split system heat pump– which includes both the outside condenser and the indoor air handler or furnace– this would cost only $149.

Larger homes will typically have multiple systems.  A common set up for larger homes is to have one system serve the main level and basement and another serve the upstairs.  Sometimes additional units serve additions or detached buildings, etc…  Older homes might have multiple systems serving the same areas (like a boiler and a heat pump).

We would prioritize having the older systems evaluated over the newer systems and having the heat pumps and furnaces evaluated over the mini split systems. Our HVAC partners do not inspect fireplaces, gas wall heaters, electric baseboard heat, electric ceiling heat, electric wall heaters or oil tanks.

Examples of ONE HVAC system:

  • Heat pump (outdoor condenser and indoor air handler)
  • Indoor furnace and outdoor AC (paired)
  • Oil or natural gas furnace only
  • Boiler with radiators
  • Mini-Split (outdoor condenser and indoor air handler)
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