Should I get a Home Inspection before selling a house? (pre-sale inspection)

Yes this service can help sellers save time, money and stress.  When a seller gets a home inspection before selling their house it is called a Pre-Sale Inspection.  Getting a pre-sale home inspection in preparation for selling a home can prevent surprises, and sometimes heartbreak and financial loss during a real estate transaction.  In our experience typically about one third of the items in the report are cheaper/easier fixes.  The pre-sale inspection report gives the seller an opportunity to repair some things and/or anticipate possible negotiating points with more expensive items.  The pre-sale inspection may also help to inform the asking price.

Do I have to repair everything that comes up in the report?

No, in fact sellers aren’t required to repair anything.  Sellers should discuss the report with their listing agent and prioritize the items that make the most sense to repair — the easiest and cheapest repairs are often the best candidates.  Repairs aren’t always recommended, especially with cosmetic or larger projects, because the buyer may choose to repair or replace things differently than the seller would. With larger or more expensive projects, instead of trying to repair defects the seller may want to set aside a ‘credit’ or an amount that they are willing to reduce the contract price for in case things come up– this is often a win-win solution for all parties.  The ‘credit’ doesn’t necessarily have to cover the full amount of the repair, because if everything in the house was fully repaired then the asking price would typically be much higher.

Should I share the home inspection report with the buyers?

In general, no, the pre-sale home inspection report should not be shared with the buyers.  Buyers should hire their own inspector.  The pre-sale inspection is for the seller’s benefit only.  With newer homes, condos/townhouses, or houses with exceptionally few defects a seller may consider sharing the report with the buyer but as a general rule it is not recommended.

Sellers CAN share negative radon tests or water tests with the buyers.


In Conclusion:

Pre-sale inspections are for the benefit of the seller.  The report helps the seller determine the asking amount and how much they would be willing to reduce the contract amount to.  The report gives the seller an opportunity to repair cheap/easy defects and to anticipate negotiating points.  All these benefits can help the seller get more money for the home, faster, and with less stress.

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