Buying a Modular Home

buying a modular home

What is a Modular home (and what it isn’t)

Modular homes have components that are partially built off-site in a factory which are then assembled and finished on site.  Modular homes have standard foundation systems and otherwise are just like site-built homes.  Modular homes are different than manufactured homes and have more in common with traditional site-built homes– for more information about Manufactured homes (formerly called Mobile homes) read more here.

Inspecting a Modular Home

Inspecting most modular homes is really no different than inspecting a standard site built home.  They have similar floor/roof framing and foundation systems and are otherwise similar to traditional site-built homes in every way.

How can a Modular Home be identified?

The entry level modular homes do look similar to ‘double-wide’s, but otherwise the design, quality and layout vary widely.  Sometimes a data plate can be found — common locations are inside the kitchen sink lower cabinet door, near the water heater or HVAC equipment or at the main electrical panel door.  The data plate will provide the manufacturer information, date of manufacture, framing/insulation specifications, and sometimes the installers of the major appliances such as water heater and heating/cooling equipment.  Barring a data plate or disclosure, it may be very difficult or impossible to determine if the home is modular without seller disclosure.  One trick is to look in the attic near the gable ends– if there is a hole in the sheathing near the ridge that may indicate that a crane was used to lower the pre-built components into place- which means that at the very least it has modular components.

Are there special lending requirements for modular homes?

No there should not be any special lending requirements for modular homes.  Getting lending for a modular home should be no different than a conventional site-built home.  The only time there might be an issue is if the lender confuses the term ‘modular’ with ‘manufactured’ homes.

Do Modular homes appraise differently?

Modular homes do not require a special appraisal form the way manufactured homes do.  Modular homes should not appraise differently than site-built homes however some appraisers may have a different point of view (more than likely because they are confusing the terms ‘manufactured home’ and ‘modular home’).

How does Modular home construction compare to traditional site built construction quality?

Modular homes are built in controlled environments which means they are not exposed to the weather during construction.  The framing of modular homes are typically built sturdier than site-built construction and often either glued or screwed to prevent movement during transportation- this makes them generally withstand hurricane force winds better than their site-built counterparts as reported by FEMA after several different events.

Asheville Modular Home Inspectors

Builder Buddy is your resource for Modular Home Inspections in the Asheville area.  We also provide Module Home Radon testing, Modular Home Mold testing, Modular Home Water testing, Modular Home Well Inspections, and Modular Home Septic Inspections.  Schedule online or call with questions.

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