Don’t replace that leaking faucet until you read this!

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Are you replacing a leaking faucet again? They aren’t as reliable as they used to be and it’s incredibly frustrating, time consuming and costly to replace them. AND they can flood your home causing expensive water damage!

Here’s a pro tip based on my experience with countless repairs and inspecting over a thousand homes.

Don’t buy the faucets with the single handle. I know they’re fancy looking, I know they are convenient, but the components are more prone to break. They break more often and more catastrophically (flood damage!) I’ve seen new brand name faucets with the single handle fail within months.

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2 handled faucets tend to leak less

Which brand is the most reliable for single handle faucets? None of them. Paying twice as much for a faucet will only lead to doubling of the heartbreak when it fails.

My advice tends to favor low-maintenance decisions over stylistic ones. I wouldn’t want everyone to be like me, and my home will never make the cover of Architectural Digest, but if my fancier readers can find a stylish 2 handled faucet that fits their décor they might thank me later.

Additional Note:  If you are replacing the faucet yourself don’t forget to buy plumber’s putty, thread sealant tape and two braided transition hoses (longer is better than shorter!)   If you are lucky you’ll only need to go to the hardware store once!

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Single handle faucets – is it worth the convenience?

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