Guide for WNC Homebuyers

guide for wnc homebuyers

This collection of articles, written by a Home Inspection Pro, is a guide written especially for WNC homebuyers but these same principles apply to all of North America.  These articles will help buyers anticipate repairs, maintenance, and other lifestyle considerations when looking to purchase a home.  What does a Home Inspection pro know about Log Homes, Ranch Homes, Historical Homes, Condos, Manufactured homes, or other types?  What should buyers know about a house that is 15 years old?  25?  What is the significance of certain types of siding or plumbing materials?

Land and Site Considerations

Buying Land

Building an Affordable House

Detached Buildings

Tiny Homes

RV Campsites

Remote Homes

Buying a House By Its Age

Newer vs. Older Homes (which is better?)

New Construction

15 Years or younger Houses

15-25 Years Old Houses

More than 25 Years Old Houses

Pre-1960 Houses

Buying a House by Type

Log Homes


Manufactured Homes

Mountain Style Homes

Ranch Style Homes

Modular Homes

Neglected Homes

By Foundation Type

By Siding Type

Other Resources for Buyers

Typical Service Life Of Components

How to Determine the Age of Your Heating and Cooling Equipment

How to Determine the Age of Your Water Heater

Quick Reference: Siding and Trim

Quick Reference: Plumbing

Local Resources (City, County, Town Planning, Permitting, Health Department, Etc…)


Western North Carolina Home Inspectors

Builder Buddy is your resource for Home Inspections of all ages, types, and features.  We also provide well inspections, water testing, mold testing, radon testing, and more.  Schedule online or call with questions.

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Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

When regular maintenance is performed the Winter Home Maintenance Checklist can be easy (Check the Fall Checklist first). Entering into service agreements with companies to come out for yearly maintenance can make our honey-do lists much shorter and help protect our home over the long-term.

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Quick Reference: Siding and Trim

This article includes abbreviated information on the following categories of siding/trim: Masonry Siding Wood Siding/Trim Fiber Cement Siding/Trim Vinyl/PVC Siding/Trim Masonry Siding Masonry includes CMU,

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