Guide to Maintaining Your Home

guide to maintaining your home

This collection of articles is a guide written especially for Homeowners. These articles will help owners anticipate repairs, maintenance, and other lifestyle considerations when owning a home.

Home Maintenance Checklists

(Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring)

Buying a home is a life-changing event for most people. Like committing to a new partner, pet, career, or having children it is the beginning of an exciting adventure but it is also a serious commitment- yes we are talking about home MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS!

9 Gutter Fails Slowly Killing Your House

These gutter fails are especially tragic for homeowners because they can cause enormous financial pain and yet they could have been prevented for cents on the dollar.

Asphalt Shingle vs Standing Seam vs Fasten Down Roofs

The best roofing type for each household depends on market prices, local availability and expertise, and the unique qualities that each material has.

Don’t replace that leaking faucet until you read this!

Faulty faucets are the leading cause of water damage in a home- which is made worse by the fact that faucets are often replaced by homeowners or handymen (often incorrectly).

Fricking Fan Vents!! How do they work?

The purpose of bathroom fan vents is to ventilate moisture after hot showers and baths– some people call them ‘fart fans’ but clearing out foul air is secondary to preventing long-term moisture damage.

Foundation Types

Different foundation types have different maintenance considerations.  Foundation systems of all types depend on the integrity of the supporting soil to prevent settling over the long-term.

Siding and Trim Best Practice Installation

When it comes to siding and trim the best resource for installation and maintenance information is the installation guide for the product being used.

Quick Guide to Plumbing Materials

The kind of plumbing materials you use matters!

Mold Evaluations

When there are indoor air quality concerns, we recommend starting with a Home Inspection or a Mold Evaluation first.

Quick Guide to Windows

These are my opinions based on decades of installing, repairing, and inspecting windows. Each style and material type includes a rating to help homeowners with replacement decisions.

Guide to Drinking Water

How to test or check the water quality of your water supply and prevent contamination from bacteria, lead, and other contaminants. Read more to protect yourself and your family.

Guide to Indoor Air Quality

This article discusses the most common contaminants in our homes, their sources, ways to identify them, their effects on our health, and how we can reduce their risks.

Are Air Fryers a fire hazard?

Air Fryers are a fast and convenient way to fry food with little or no oil, but stories are going around that this enormously popular kitchen counter appliance can overheat and cause fires.

Asheville and WNC Drinking Water Guide

If you are concerned about the quality of drinking water, either private or public, in the Asheville area, this article includes helpful information about testing, possible contaminants, and best practice maintenance tips.

Dryer Vent Best Practices

According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency), there are around 16,000 clothes appliance-related fires each year in the US, with most of them caused by clothes dryers. Most fires are caused by clogged ducts, filters, and vents due to maintenance neglect and improper installation.

How to Operate Your Gas Fireplace

This step-by-step guide is intended to help homeowners turn their gas fireplaces on for the heating Season. Gas log fireplaces are often turned off during the warmer months, and getting them turned on again for the cold months can be a process.

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