How do I create Documents from my Report?

creating documents from report

What kind of documents can be created from the inspection report?

With our software you can create professional looking documents based on your inspection reports:

  • Create Professional Negotiating documents
    • Request Repairs from the seller
    • Request Information Seller
    • Request Credits ($$$$) from the Seller
  • Share Partial Reports
    • PDF format
    • HTML format
  • Sharing only portions of the report
    • Email or Text
  • Request Quotes from contractors
    • Sharing only defects that are in the relevant categories

How do I create a Document from the Report?

We recommend using the REPAIR REQUEST BUILDER Tool:

  • View the HTML version of the report
  • Click on the REPORT TOOLS tab at the upper right hand side
  • Change the NAME of the document and add other TEXT at the top of the document
  • Add Defects to your document by clicking on the (CHECK MARKS) above each one
  • Click CREDIT and/or COMMENT to include a dollar amount and/or to add information
  • Choose PREVIEW at the top of the screen once you have scrolled through the entire document
    • Click PDF at the bottom right side of the Preview screen to view and save as a PDF
  • Click CREATE If you want to share HTML like how the document looks in PREVIEW
    • Copy and share the provided LINK
    • Send link directly by EMAIL
    • Send link directly by TEXT

HTML version of Repair Request List

  • View videos
  • Expand pictures
  • Click on Hyperlink text

PDF version of Repair Request List

  • Everything is included in one document
  • Cannot view videos
  • Cannot expand pictures
  • May not be able to click on Hyperlink text
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