Customer Support

A free guide to help you move from deciding what tests to order to understanding your reports
by Jason Bellamy - Owner of Builder Buddy

Finding Appointment Information

You can find your appointment information in your appointment confirmation email and subsequent reminder emails. Search your inbox for Builder Buddy or Spectora (Spectora is our inspection software).  You will also see prompts on your Spectora dashboard. If you recently filled out our online form...

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Where Are My Home Inspection Reports?

If you’ve received an email saying your report(s) are ready but you still do not see your reports on your dashboard make sure that you’ve signed your agreements and paid your invoice. To sign your agreement(s) and to pay for your inspection(s) please follow the prompts...

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Availability Information

With our new online scheduler you can see up-to-date availabilities on our calendar and choose your inspector.  You will need to provide some basic information first. In some cases we are holding a date for you: If you do not see the date we agreed upon on the...

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Signing Agreements

You will be required to sign agreements for most of our services- you can see and sign all of your agreements in one place by following the prompts on our emails (you can search your inbox for Builder Buddy or Spectora– Spectora is our inspection...

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How do I pay?

You will receive an email invoice with a ‘pay now’ button.  Search your inbox for emails from Spectora or Builder Buddy as an email may have already been delivered.  Follow the instructions on the email to pay by credit or debit card.  We do not...

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I Had Some Issues With An Inspector Or An Inspection

We are sorry you had this experience.  Please give us a chance to listen to your grievances and to take steps to help you if possible.  We also learn from our mistakes and take steps to try to prevent them in the future.  Please fill...

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