Meeting the Inspector at the Inspection

Buyers have the opportunity to meet their inspector toward the end of the inspection- we list the ‘approximate finish time’ in the confirmation email and email appointment reminders.  Please let the inspector know if you will be attending so they can wait for you if they finish early.  Please keep in mind that sometimes the inspector finishes earlier or later than the anticipated time (give or take 30 minutes– it can be difficult to determine the finish time without having seen the house in person.).

If you have specific questions or concerns about the house please email us at, we can copy your questions into the inspectors file for them to review on site.

We discourage anyone from ‘shadowing’ the inspector during the inspection as this could distract the inspector (they could miss important defects) and following the inspector into certain areas also causes some safety and liability concerns.

Our clients are welcome to come to the inspection early and view the house at their convenience, we only ask that our inspectors are allowed to work un-interrupted until they are ready to present at the end of the inspection.

Please also keep in mind that the verbal presentation at the end of the inspection is just an abbreviated overview.  The verbal presentation is only a snapshot of the report and an opportunity for the buyer to ask further questions on site.  Please review the written inspection report carefully as the written report represents the inspector’s final and most complete assessment of the house.

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