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About Commercial Property Inspections

Why Home Inspectors are the best Commercial Property Inspectors There isn’t a state licensing program for Commercial Property Inspectors.  The...

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Additional Water Testing

Additional Water Testing – Does the water test cover everything? The full scan water test that we offer tests for...

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Are Oil Tanks included in a Home Inspection Report?

Are Oil Tanks included in a Home Inspection Report? Oil tanks are beyond the scope of a home inspection.  If...

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Availability Information

With our new online scheduler you can see up-to-date availabilities on our calendar and choose your inspector.  You will need to provide...

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Buying a 15-25 year old home – Things to consider

Homes built within the last 25 years look similar to new homes today with modern electrical/plumbing and similar construction techniques...

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Buying a House 15 years or newer

A home inspector will never know what they will find in homes of any age but the items below are...

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Buying New Construction Homes – Tips from a Home Inspector

Do I need a Home Inspection for a New Construction Home? The first year after construction is the best time...

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Contractors and Sub-contractors

Your agent may have referrals for you Unfortunately we cannot give referrals for repairs.  We generate so many leads over...

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Do we do re-inspections after repairs?

Generally we do not do revisit inspections after repairs.  When issues are identified during our inspection a licensed contractor should...

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FHA and VA Loan Requirements for Inspections and Testing

What are typical FHA and VA requirements for inspections & testing? Below are the most common FHA/VA loan requirements- only...

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