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General Info for Home Inspections in Asheville and WNC area

Home Inspection Pricing

Our home inspections start at $349, and discounts are available.  Pricing is based on the age and square footage of the home.  We are a very high quality, highly reviewed 5-star inspection company, and our services are affordable, considering how highly rated we are – see our Pricing page here.

Scheduling a Home Inspection

To schedule a home inspection, you can use our online schedulercall, or email.

Online scheduler

Our online scheduler is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Choose your inspector and find the next available appointment using our online scheduler.  If you have any special requests or questions while using our online scheduler, feel free to leave notes in the comment section.

Call or Text

If you have any questions, give us a call or text.  We have a full-time office manager available M-F, 9-5, to answer your questions.  If no one answers, please leave a message, and we will call you back soon!


Discounts for Home Inspections

We have discounts for Home Inspections, Radon Testing, and Well/Septic Inspections that help nearly everyone in need.  If you are not eligible for a discount and feel you should be, let us know, and we will help you.  Find Discount information here.

Reviews of our Inspections

We are a highly-rated 5-star Home Inspection company in Asheville and WNC area and have over 130 5-star reviews on Google – find or share a google review.

Sample Inspection and Testing Reports

Education is our passion which is why it is our mission to help people buy, sell or maintain homes.  We are proud of our intuitive color-coded reports that help prioritize issues while providing recommendations and upgrade items.  We use state-of-the-art HTML-based software that includes expandable pictures, videos, links, resources, articles, diagrams, and more.  Our reports also include the Create a Repair List feature which creates HTML and PDF documents that can be shared with sellers, agents, and contractors.  We have several different sample reports including videos of our sample reports that can be viewed here.

Service Areas

Is there a Home Inspector near me in the Asheville and WNC area?

We serve Asheville and the surrounding area, which includes most of Western North Carolina (WNC):

Asheville City Home Inspections

Is there a Home Inspector near me in Asheville City?

We provide Home Inspection services in Asheville City, including Candler, West Asheville, South Asheville, Arden, Downtown Asheville, East Asheville, and North Asheville.

Buncombe County Home Inspections

Is there a Home Inspector near me in Buncombe County?

We provide Home Inspection services in Asheville, Montreat, Biltmore Forest, Alexander, Black Mountain, Woodfin, Weaverville, Candler, and the surrounding areas.

Henderson County Home Inspections

Is there a Home Inspector near me in Henderson County and Hendersonville?

We provide Home inspection services in Hendersonville, Saluda, Fletcher, Laurel Park, Mills River, Flat Rock, and the surrounding areas.

Haywood County Home Inspections

Is there a Home Inspector near me in Haywood County?

We provide Home Inspection services in Canton, Clyde, Maggie Valley, Waynesville, Lake Junaluska, and the surrounding areas.

Madison County Home Inspections

Is there a Home Inspector near me in Madison County?

We provide Home Inspection services in Hot Springs, Mars Hill, Marshall, and the surrounding areas.

Yancey County Home Inspections

We provide Home Inspection Services in Burnsville and the surrounding areas.

McDowell County Home Inspections

Is there a Home Inspector near me in McDowell County?

We provide Home Inspection services in Marion, Old Fort, and the surrounding areas.

Polk County Home Inspections

Is there a Home Inspector near me in Polk County?

We provide Home Inspection services in Saluda, Columbus, Tryon, and the surrounding areas.

Transylvania County Home Inspections

Is there a Home Inspector near me in Transylvania County?

We provide Home Inspection services in Brevard, Rosman, and the surrounding areas.

What Home Inspection services do we offer?

Builder Buddy Inspections & Testing offers the following types of Home Inspections in Asheville and WNC:

Pre-Sale Home Inspections

Pre-sale home inspections help sellers and agents prepare for listing a house.  These are also known as Pre-listing inspections.  A pre-sale inspection helps anticipate issues, prioritize needed repairs, and helps prepare the seller and agent for any potential negotiating items. Builder Buddy provides Pre-Sale Home Inspection services in Asheville and WNC.

Pre-purchase Home Inspections

Pre-purchase home inspections help buyers understand the condition of a home they are making an offer on as part of their due diligence. Findings can help buyers anticipate needed repairs and upgrades or negotiate for repairs or a reduced contract price. Builder Buddy provides Pre-purchase Home Inspection services in Asheville and WNC.

11-month Home Inspections

11-month home inspections help homeowners negotiate for repairs when their home is still under a one-year Builder Warranty (new construction). Builder Buddy provides 11-month Home Inspection services in Asheville and WNC.  Find more information about new construction inspections and 11-month Home Inspections.

Annual Maintenance Inspections

Annual Maintenance inspections help homeowners protect and maintain their homes.  Find more information on Annual Maintenance Inspections. Annual maintenance inspections help prevent catastrophic leaks (gas/plumbing leaks, roof leaks, etc.), water penetration, safety concerns, and more. Builder Buddy provides Annual Maintenance Home Inspection services in Asheville and WNC.

Multi-family Home Inspections

Multi-family Home Inspections help buyers understand the condition of duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, trailer parks, HOA communities, apartment complexes, Adult Care Facilities, Recovery residences, and more. Builder Buddy provides Multi-family Home Inspection services in Asheville and WNC.

Home Health Checks

Home Health checks help homeowners understand the condition of the indoor air quality of their homes, especially when it comes to mold, toxic gases, radon, lead, and asbestos.  Additional information and guidance are provided regarding VOCs, EMFs, and biological pollutants and allergens. Builder Buddy provides Home Health Check services in Asheville and WNC.

Mold Evaluations

Mold evaluations help homeowners and tenants understand the condition of their homes, especially when it comes to mold, moisture, and indoor air quality. Builder Buddy provides Mold Evaluation services in Asheville and WNC.  Find more information about Mold Evaluations.

Pre-drywall Home Inspections

Pre-drywall home inspections help buyers understand the condition of new construction homes as part of their due diligence.  Inspecting a house before the drywall is installed allows the inspector a better view of the framing, electrical, plumbing, and more.  Builder Buddy provides Pre-drywall Home Inspection services in Asheville and WNC.

Detached Building Inspections

Detached buildings often contribute to the value and utility of the home.  Detached Building Inspections help buyers understand the condition of these structures.  Builder Buddy provides detached building inspections in Asheville and WNC.  Find more information about Detached Buildings.

When should I order additional Inspections and Testing?

Here is a helpful blog article about when to order additional Inspections and Testing with your Home Inspection.

What Additional Services do we offer?

Builder Buddy Inspections & Testing offers the following inspections and testing services with Home Inspections to help people buy, sell or maintain homes in Asheville and WNC area.

Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can make its way into homes in Asheville and WNC area. We offer 48-hour or more radon testing with continuous monitors or charcoal test kits.  Our inspectors are certified radon, and our state-of-the-art equipment is calibrated annually. For more information, see our Radon Testing page.  We offer the following Radon Testing services in Asheville and WNC area:

  • Radon Testing for Homebuyers
  • Multi-family Radon Testing
  • Radon Testing for Home sellers
  • Radon Testing for Homeowners
  • Radon Testing with or without a home inspection

Mold Testing

We offer air sample mold sampling (minimum of 3 samples including outdoor control sample), tape lift sampling, and mold evaluations. For more information, see our Mold Testing page.  We offer the following Mold Testing services in Asheville and WNC area.

  • Mold Testing for Homebuyers
  • Mold Testing for Homeowners
  • Mold Testing with or without a home inspection

Well Inspections

Well Inspections help homebuyers understand the condition of their private drinking water equipment, which may include pressure system equipment (well pump, pressure tank, pressure switch, etc.), the wellhead, cisterns, and whole house water filtration equipment.  Builder Buddy offers the most thorough well inspection services in Asheville and WNC. North Carolina has the second highest rate of private drinking water systems in the country.  It is highly recommended that buyers of homes in WNC with private wells or springs get a Well Inspection and Water Testing.  See our Well Inspections page for more information.

  • Well Inspections for Homebuyers
  • Well Inspections with or without a home inspection

Water Testing

Water Testing helps homebuyers identify contaminants in private drinking water (wells or springs). Builder Buddy offers Bacteria Only water testing, Lender scan water testing that satisfies FA/VA loan requirements, and Full Scan water testing, which tests for the most common EPA Primary and Secondary standard contaminants in our area.  See our Guide to Drinking Water for more information. We offer the following Water Testing services in Asheville and WNC area.

  • Full Scan Water Testing
  • Lender Scan Water Testing
  • Bacteria Only Water Testing

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections

Wood-destroying insect inspections help homebuyers identify possible wood-destroying insects in or around the home.  Builder Buddy offers Wood Destroying Insect Inspections with Home Inspections in Asheville and WNC.  Find more information about Wood Destroying Insect Inspections.

  • WDIR with Home Inspections
  • WDIR for detached buildings
  • WDIR for FHA or VA loans

Septic Inspections with Pump

Septic Inspections with a pump help homebuyers identify issues with private on-site wastewater systems or homes with septic systems. Builder Buddy offers Septic Inspections with Pump in Asheville and the WNC area with Home Inspections and Well Inspections.  Find more information about Septic Inspections.

  • Septic Inspections with Pump (with Home Inspections)
  • Septic Inspections with Pump (with Well Inspections)

Frequently Asked Questions


What does our Home Inspection Include?

We are state-licensed Home Inspectors, and we perform our inspections according to North Carolina state minimum standards however we go beyond these standards in many cases.  For example, the state only requires that we inspect one outlet and window per room.  Typically we inspect every accessible outlet and window we can.  We also specialize in health concerns and environmental hazards, and any defects related to expensive water damage (because nothing depreciates a home faster than water).  Generally, we inspect everything that is glued or fastened to the home.  See below for more information.

Site and Exterior Evaluation

We inspect driveways, parking areas, grading, drainage, hard surfaces, patios, decks, ramps, railings, steps, porches, balconies, siding (including stucco systems and adhered masonry-  see our blog on Siding, Decking, and Windows), trim, windows/doors, gutter systems, roofing, fireplaces and more.

We are looking for evidence of leaks, framing damage, water penetration, structural settling, inadequate grading, inadequate drainage, worn/damaged/missing components, improperly repaired components, installation defects, and more.

Structure and Foundation

We inspect all foundation and framing systems: slabs, crawl spaces, basements, metal/steel framing, masonry construction, and more. We inspect attics, crawl spaces, slabs, and floor/wall/roof framing systems where accessible– see our blog on different Foundation Types.

We are looking for evidence of settling, bowing/buckling, failing, improperly supported framing, improperly installed components, improperly repaired components, decay, wood-destroying fungus, wood-destroying insects, water penetration, corrosion, high humidity, and more.

Electrical Inspections

We inspect service wire connections, grounding, main electrical panels, sub-panels, GFCI/AFCI outlets, 3-way switches, outlets, fixtures, and more.

We are looking for evidence of worn/damaged/missing components, evidence of shorts or arc events, improperly installed or repaired components, and electrical and fire safety hazards.

Plumbing Inspections

We inspect plumbing fixtures, shut-off valves, pressure-reducing valves, traps, venting, Temperature Pressure Relief Valves, expansion tanks, septic lift stations and alarms, leak sensors, drain pan systems, water distribution pipes, fuel distribution pipes, CSSC/CSST corrugated gas pipe, bonding, fuel storage, private well systems, spring systems, cisterns, water filtration equipment, sediment filters, and 3rd party on-site wastewater system inspections (septic inspections), and more.  See our Quick Guide to Plumbing Materials.

We are looking for evidence of water leaks, loose/worn/broken/damaged fixtures, improperly functioning fixtures, missing/damaged/broken safety devices, improper installation, inadequate repairs, water damage, the pressure that is too high or low, clogging, backing up, too much sediment, corrosion, gas leaks, fire or gas safety hazards, oil leaks, and more.

Heating and Cooling Systems (HVAC/mechanical systems)

A basic inspection of the Heating/Cooling systems is provided as part of the general inspection; however, we also offer 3rd party evaluations of the heating/cooling equipment that includes a detailed evaluation of the electrical components, refrigerant levels, and more.

We look for condensation leaks, improper installation, improper repairs, worn/damaged/broken/missing components, improper combustion, safety hazards, and other defects. The evaluation can also help identify older, outdated, or aging equipment.

And more…


What is a Home Inspector in WNC?

Home Inspectors throughout North Carolina are state-licensed professionals required to maintain minimum levels of insurance, standards of practice, and annual Continuing Education.  Home Inspectors are hired by people wanting to understand the condition of a property while buying, selling, or maintaining a home.  Appraisers are not Home Inspectors.  Appraisers provide ‘Appraisals’ which are required by banks and are generally made for the benefit of the banks.  

All our Home Inspectors are current State-Licensed Home Inspectors that meet and exceed the state insurance, standards, and education.  All Home inspectors are full-time W2 employees (not sub-contractors).

What is a Home Inspection Report in WNC?

A home inspection is a written evaluation of 2 or more components of a home performed by a state-licensed Home Inspector.  A Home Inspector is required to describe and inspect components as required by the state – especially any component not functioning as intended.  A home inspection report is intended to give people a better understanding of the property on the day the house was inspected.  Inspections are representative and not technically exhaustive, meaning not every defect may be found, described, or reported; however, any inspection report written to our state standards will be thorough and detailed.

We use HTML-based inspection software that includes expandable pictures, videos, links, diagrams, and other resources.  Our intuitive reports are color-coded to help prioritize defects.  Beyond communicating the issues and potential negotiating items, our reports are intended to help people move forward as homeowners with helpful information and tips.

About Builder Buddy Inspections & Testing

Builder Buddy is an Asheville-based inspection and testing company – our specialty is education, and our mission is to help people buy, sell and maintain their homes.  Builder Buddy is known for inspections and testing of all kinds in and around Asheville and Western North Carolina. We have three home inspectors on staff and an office manager ready to take your call.  We are licensed and insured and used state-of-the-art inspection and CRM software.

Why are we different from other home inspection companies?

Thorough and knowledgeable Home Inspectors

We spend more time on-site, writing reports, and following up with our clients than our competitors. Our highly trained state-certified inspectors have been chosen for their construction experience, professionalism, communication, and passion for learning.  Our home inspectors are full-time W2 employees (not subcontractors). They are trained extensively for one year within the company (even after licensing) and then continue with regular reviews and advanced training above and beyond state requirements to ensure all of our inspections and testing are performed to a consistent and high level of quality.

Relevant, timely, and intuitive Inspection Reports

We always deliver our inspection reports the same or the next day.  We know how to communicate the difference between cosmetic items and expensive repairs.  We strive to bring important information forward in our reports and presentations– especially when it comes to safety, structural issues, water damage, and other expensive repairs or maintenance items.  Our color-coded HTML reports include additional diagrams, blogs, explainer videos, and more to help our clients understand our findings better.  

Highly responsive

Our full-time office manager, three home inspectors, 24/7 online help desk, and CRM software are here to help.  We pride ourselves on communicating before, during, and after the inspections.  We will remain available to you until all your questions are answered.  We are happy to set up video or phone calls after the inspection for clients that have more questions or were unable to be present at the inspection.

We focus on Education.

Our passion is education, and our mission is to help people buy, sell and maintain homes in WNC and beyond.  We have over 200 articles, videos, and other resources to help our buyers before, during, and after a home inspection.

Whenever I am asked what the best training for a home inspector is, I am bound to reply – house renovator. No other trade gives a person the breadth and depth of experience for looking at old houses – and learning to expect and anticipate anything. Even the builders are less experienced since they seldom see their productions ten or twenty years later. Perhaps if they did, they might build differently.

– Keith Peddie author of House Assessment and He Found What?

Home Inspections in Asheville and WNC

Our Company, Builder Buddy Inspections & Testing, provides Home Inspections, Pre-sale Inspections, Commercial Inspections, Home Health Checks, Pre-Drywall Inspections, 11 Month Builder Warranty Inspections, Annual Maintenance Inspections, Multi-Family Home Inspections, Mold Evaluations, and Annual Maintenance Inspections.  We also provide additional inspection and testing services such as Radon Testing, Water Testing, Well and Septic Inspections, Mold Testing, and more.  We are a highly-rated inspection company based out of Asheville that provides high-quality inspection and testing reports and services.  If you are located within 40 miles of Asheville, call us today to set up an appointment or schedule here.

Builder Buddy cartoon home inspector looking for defects

Order an Inspection

Carl Hanlon
Read More
WOW! That was our first impression after reading through the detailed inspection report. The amount of attention to details Builder Buddy's inspector went through was/is amazing! We've bought a number of properties in various states and can say without a doubt, that the home inspection reports/video discussions while onsite before our decision to purchase (a 20yr old log cabin around Lake Lure) were the most detailed information (and recommendations for solving issues) we've ever received and were easy to understand.
Carl Hanlon
Read More
The technicians evaluation on every aspect of the house and it's equipment (A/C, Well, Sewer, Electrical, plumbing, appliances, equipment, roof tile, rain gutters, windows, doors, drainage etc etc) was eye opening. Our decision to purchase this property and subsequently being able to get lower costs and concessions, were solely due to the exceptional level of work done by Builder Buddy Home Inspections.
Brian Oliver
Read More
We had builder buddy Do a home inspection for an older home in Weaverville and they are awesome. Dustin was great throughout the process — excellent communication, customer service, and the report was thorough and easy to understand. Many companies talk about great customer service - builder buddy delivers it!
Leonard McGill
Read More
I was impressed from start to finish in dealing with Builder Buddy. The website was super easy to navigate, they kept me updated on everything, and, most importantly, did a really thorough job!
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