Asheville area Certified Mold Testing Technician

MOLD TESTING Basic Package $349 for 3 air samples. Outdoor air sample is used as a control to evaluate main level and basement air samples. Larger homes may need more air samples.  (Recommend additional sample for every 1000sf over 2000sf or for different foundation systems) Add $75 per additional air sample or tape lifts if there is visible mold. This test is especially useful for homes with finished basements when water penetration is suspected but can be verified by other means.   Best practice is for mold testing to be performed after a home inspection or mold inspection.

mold testing equipment
Zefon and Air-o-cell air sampling equipment
Builder Buddy Inspections & Testing
monster in the attic - home inspection

Should I Order A Mold Test?

Mold Testing Recommendations Is Mold Testing recommended for families or individuals with environmental or mold sensitivities? Yes.  Newer homes with very dry basements and crawl spaces

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