Home Inspection General Pricing

Pricing is based on heated/finished square feet and the age of the home:

  • $349 999sf or less
  • $399 1000-2000sf
  • $449 2000-2499sf
  • $499 2500-2999sf
  • $549 3000-3499sf
  • $599 3500sf-3999sf
  • $649 4000sf-4499sf
  • $699 4500sf-4999sf
  • $749 5000sf-5499sf
  • $799 5500sf-5999sf
Annual Inspections are priced the same but a discount is offered for return inspections for the same property and client.

Additional Fees

  • Older home fees apply starting at 25 years or older ($50-100)
  • Detached buildings ($50 for smaller buildings and $95 for larger)
  • Attached Add’l residences (up to 4 units) priced as a single-family home (total square footage plus age) $100 per additional unit.
  • Multi-unit residential communities (will quote.  Typically quoted as additional single family homes minus $75 discount)
  • Travel charges apply when inspection is between 35-75 miles from Asheville downtown

Commercial Inspections Pricing

We offer Commercial Inspections that are intended to help buyers/sellers learn more about the property in preparation for real estate transactions.  We do not inspect restaurants.  We will quote each property individually- pricing depends on age, location, size, and scope- typically between 30-75 cents a square foot.

Builder Buddy Home Inspector with flashlight

Well Inspection

$249 with a Home Inspection in the Asheville area $275 without a Home Inspection in the Asheville area.
$50-75 travel fee may apply outside of the Asheville area.  

Water Testing

$265 for full scan (bacteria, metals, pH, nitrites/nitrates)  /  $160 for bacteria only
(with Home or Well Inspection)

Radon Testing

$150 with inspection /$205 stand alone.  Continuous monitor.  48+ hours.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection (WDIR)

(by 3rd Party) $145 in Asheville area.  Typically $40 for small detached structures.

Septic Inspection with pump

(by 3rd Party) $849

Sewer Scope

(by 3rd Party) $349.00

HVAC evaluation

(by 3rd party) $149 per system.  Buncombe county only.  Please notify us in advance how many systems should be inspected.

Mold Testing

$349 with home inspection.  $424 without home inspection.  Basic test includes 3 samples.  Typically an air sample is taken outside, in the basement and at the main level.  $75 per additional sample for larger homes or tape lift samples (visible mold)

*Travel charges

Apply for trips between 35-75 miles from downtown Asheville ($50-$500 depending on distance per inspector)


See Discount Page here


  • Free Re-inspections
    In some cases if we made an error we will revisit and re-inspect for free.  In other cases if we need to return to pick up a radon monitor for example, we can offer a free re-inspection during the re-visit.
  • Re-inspections due to limitations  We charge $175 plus travel fees to re-inspect due to utilities being turned off or inaccessible areas during the initial inspection.  (generally we like to see the sellers pay for this charge as these things are their responsibility)
  • Repair Re-inspections If licensed contractors are used for repairs (that can provide receipts/warranties) it is un-necessary for the home inspector to return for repair inspections:
    • In most cases we prefer buyer repairs over seller repairs as buyers are more incentivized to have the best repairs done.
    • If the seller is to do repairs we highly recommend that licensed contractors are used that offer receipts and warranties so they will stand behind their work after the real estate transaction.
    • In some cases we can come back and do a repair inspection – depending on the scope of work the cost is typically $175 plus any applicable travel fee.