Asheville Septic Inspector
Asheville Sewer Scope Inspector
Licensed and insured. State of the art equipment. HTML report with color photos/video

​Septic Inspections:

  • Evaluate site grading and drainage
  • Access and open septic tank
  • Evaluate level, flow, and leaks into or out of the mainline, tank, distribution box, and drain field
  • Includes push camera inspection and basic location services.
  • HTML report with color pictures/video.
  • We offer with and without pumping.

Sewer Scope Inspections

  • Push camera inspection of the main waste line
  • HTML/PDF report with color pictures/video.
  • Basic location services and flagging available upon request.

Location and Flagging Services

  • ​Push camera with sonde emitter and locator
  • Mark or flag a sewer/septic line along the ground and also determine the depth within inches.
septic inspection monster

We are an inspection company that understands the real estate industry:

  • No location fees with inspections! (we use our state of the art location equipment as part of our standard package)
  • No travel charge within a 45-minute drive of Asheville downtown (3rd party pump fees may apply)
  • State Certified. Insured.
  • Same-day or next business day reports
  • Sentrilock/Showingtime access
  • Push camera with sonde transmitter and receiver
  • Homegauge HTML/PDF reports
  • Color photos/video
  • Pumping is optional.
locator for sewer scope and septic systems
Location Services
locating septic tanks
Optional flagging of septic/sewer lines and tank
sewer scope equipment
Ridgid color push camera with video


Typical costs for replacing Sewer line:
Replacing an average sewer line from the house to where it connects to the public sewer system typically costs $3,000-$6,000. However, if the project is complex and/or if the connection to the public system is in the middle of the street it can cost $7,000-$25,000 or more. CostHelper readers report paying $4,500-$13,000, or $50-$100 per foot traditional replacement of 50′-100′ of sewer line, for an average cost of $7,493 or $106 per foot.
Trenchless sewer replacement uses minimal digging with one of several methods — pipe-bursting, in which a machine breaks and pushes out the old pipe while pulling through and installing a new pipe in its place. Expect to pay about $60-$200 per foot, or $3,500-$20,000 for an average household sewer line depending on the type, length and depth of the existing pipe, plus the cost of any required permits or sidewalk repairs. The trenchless slip-lining method (in which a new, smaller-diameter is installed inside the existing sewer line) or relining (both of which reduce the overall interior diameter of the sewer line) typically cost $80-$250 or more a foot, or $4,000-$25,000 or more for a typical household sewer. CostHelper readers report paying $6,000-$12,000 or about $92-$238 per foot for trenchless sewer repair, with an average cost of $8,900 ($162 per foot).
Smaller projects generally cost more per foot. To replace sewer lines less than 50′ long, CostHelper readers paid $5,500-$6,800 or $148-$550 per foot for traditional trenching projects, at an average cost of $6,167 or $232 per foot.

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